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(Printing Cost is based on the Number of Placements, Colors, Quantity and Apparel Brand.)

Screen Printing Tips

  • We have a minimum of 24 pieces.

  • Pricing is scheduled to change according to apparel and design details.

  • Cost of print (excluding garment) is $2.50 per placement (One Color)

       Additional colors to design is $ .75 per color on top of the $2.50

  • Each Placement will get a one time $20 Screen Set Up Fee
    Example: 3 placements = 3 x $20 = $60 set up fee


Thanks for submitting! Someone will respond

to you shortly.


Thanks for submitting! 

Someone will respond

to you shortly.

Direct To Film (DTF) Tips

  • Resolution = 300 DPI (600 Best Results)

  • PNG (RGB)/PSD (CMYK) - Transparent Background for Color Garments

  • No margins / Empty Space around artwork - Must be cropped to design

  • Garments must be 100% - 75% Cotton

  • Max Artwork - 16" Width X 20" Height